Here's what our customers say about Apple West

David Hatmaker

always gone above and beyond in order to ensure the expeditious delivery of my much needed medical supplies every month since I have been with them. My customer service representative Nina is amazing!

Auti Angel

∫OMG...I am sooo Grateful to Tom Shankle and The Apple West Family for their Services. Yes, I called them Family because that's how I feel about them. They care about our well being and give the best customer service I know. I was with Apple West for a few years when I was forced to go to another company due to my Medical Insurance Changing. Long Story short I got Married. Unfortunately, my marriage didn't last, but I was thrilled to know I was able to get back to Apple West.

Joe Purdi

I have been a customer with Apple West for years now and have been extremely satisfied with their service. I have my own personal contact person, Nina, who is always courteous, efficient and a pleasure to work with. She contacts me on a monthly basis and makes sure my necessary supplies arrive on time. If there is ever a problem with an order, she is quick to respond and resolve the issue immediately. I wish every one of my medical suppliers were as great as Apple West and Nina. I couldn’t be happier and have recommended several of my friends to use Apple West.