Is transanal Irrigation right for you?

Take control of your bowels & improve your quality of life.

Are you experiencing bowel incontinence or constipation?

Do you want to regain control of your bowel movements and improve your quality of life?

Consider the Coloplast Peristeen or the Wellspect Navina – two innovative transanal irrigation systems that can help you manage your symptoms with ease.

With transanal irrigation systems


Control bowel movements more effectively


Reduce the Risk of Accidents & Embarassment


Improve Your Quality of Life

Join the Apple West Family

Apple West will quickly resolve insurance issues to secure all of your disposable medical supplies

14 Years Expierence

Apple West Home Medical Supply is the #1 nationwide provider of transanal irrigation products. We have over 14 years of experience in the bladder, bowel industry, and other disposable medical supplies.

Customer Advocay Team

has the solutions to help you overcome the barriers of getting the supplies you need.

Bladder, Bowel & All of Your Disposable Medical Supplies

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Don't let bowel incontinence or constipation control your life

No more embarrassing accidents. Take control of your body today! Speak with our customer advocates to see if the Coloplast Peristeen or the Wellspect Navina is right for you. Fast, reliable shipping and excellent customer service are the standard with Apple West.


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